Harvey Park

Welcome to Harvey Park

Situated 15 minutes southwest of Downtown Denver, the neighborhood of Harvey Park is reinvigorated due in large parts to its affordability and charming homes. The neighborhood gets its namesake from the large park and lake located in the heart of the community. Nature outlines the area with lush greenery and scenery. Many find themselves celebrating birthdays, milestone events and simply communing with friends. A couple of paths most traveled, The Sanderson Gulch and Bear Creek trails, are known for their grassy space, and biking and walking paths connect Harvey Park to the South Platte Trail leading straight to downtown Denver.

Work With Jodi

What really sets Jodi apart is an uncanny ability to listen and recognize the unique needs of both home buyers and sellers. Because communication is the most vital part of the real estate process, Jodi maintains a reputation for openness and accessibility.

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